Well Circles

Passionate, "awake" women, building communities, together!

On each new moon, local groups of badass women to come together to listen and be heard, to support each other, reflect, and learn. At The Well sends out monthly packets of written materials called Moon ManualsInside is content ranging from women's health and exercise, meditation and self-awareness, recipes, as well as Jewish traditions, stories, and wisdom.

We do it all in the name of making tight crews tighter!

the 10 steps of starting a Well Circle


  1. Get together once a month, ideally around the new moon.
  2. Plan, host and lead gatherings in your home a couple times a year so that the responsibility of creating space is shared. Otherwise if Linda is the only host, she's going to make everyone eat those little date and nut balls litterally every time you guys get together, and that's entirely too much fiber, Linda.
  3. Show up ready to be received and supported. Easier said than done? We get it. Just start with showing up, and the rest will follow.
  4. Go out of your way to make sure everyone feels seen, heard, and equal. 
  5. Be open to talking and learning about the female body. Menstrual shaming is real, it's BS, and we're gonna talk about our cycles, our vaginas, and anything else about our womanhood we want, anywhere we gd please. But mostly in living rooms in this particular situation.
  6. Allow your walls to come down by sharing your own stories and speaking your truth.
  7. This isn't a metaphor; this is a Well Circle, people. Do your best to sit in one.
  8. There's diversity, even in our niche. Respect the wide spectrum of Jewish spiritual practices. Well Circles are for Orthodox, Reform, and Jew-ish women alike.
  9. That being said, you don't even need to be Jewish. Really.
  10. Value diversity, and inclusion of all kinds, from physical disabilities to LGBTQ, and be mindful of the different needs and sensitives within your Well Circle.


Interested in starting a Well Circle and want more info? That's great!

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